Alpha Networks and M-Three Satcom form strategic partnership to enhance video distribution

Press4th June, 2024

June 4th, 2024 – Alpha Networks, a leading provider of software solutions for global video distribution, and M-Three Satcom, a top-tier network operator dedicated to delivering reliable, comprehensive, and cost-effective solutions for the TV, radio broadcast market, are thrilled to announce a new global partnership. 

This strategic collaboration aims to expand Alpha Networks' reach into new geographical markets, including Italy and several territories across North Africa. By leveraging M-Three Satcom’s extensive network and infrastructure, Alpha Networks will be able to deliver its advanced video solutions to a broader audience, including broadcasters, sports federations, enhancing content delivery and customer experience in these regions. 

For M-Three Satcom, the partnership introduces a comprehensive and advanced OTT offering designed to enhance customer retention and satisfaction. Gecko, Alpha Networks' advanced end-to-end video solution, perfectly aligns with these market needs, providing a robust and seamless experience for video distribution. 

 The partnership complements M-Three Satcom's existing infrastructure, which includes two teleport sites in Rome and Milan, a satellite distribution network, dedicated fiber connections, public network, and M3Play, their proprietary HBBTV system. 

The choice of Alpha Network as a partner for the provision of OTT and CDN services is based on the company's extensive expertise, the completeness of the range of solutions offered, and its established presence in the countries where M-Three Satcom has been developing for some years. 

Key benefits of the partnership

1. Market expansion:

Alpha Networks will leverage M-Three Satcom’s extensive network to penetrate new markets, including Italy and North Africa, while also targeting local broadcasters, sports federations and international-based corporates.

2. Enhanced OTT offerings:

M-Three Satcom is set to enhance its OTT offerings by incorporating Gecko, Alpha Networks' advanced E2E video solution. This integration aims to provide a comprehensive streaming service tailored for broadcasters, governments, and various clients. With a focus on Mediterranean regions, where M-Three has secured major contracts, the company is committed to supporting clients through every stage of OTT service implementation, ensuring seamless integration with current infrastructures and alignment with each country's specific operational context.

3. Quality and expertise:

Alpha Networks’ proven expertise in video distribution, particularly in North African countries, ensures personalized, high-quality support, including French-language services. Their OTT system seamlessly integrates with existing telecom, fiber, and satellite infrastructures, as well as M3's comprehensive systems for playout, compression, and RF. This integration capability ensures that Alpha Networks can fully address customer requirements, from building new systems to updating existing ones to match evolving market demands and consumption patterns.

4. Revenue growth:

The partnership will facilitate new revenue streams by enabling customers to reach wider markets with streaming video content (Live and VOD) and radio, while also simplifying content monetization. 

We are excited to partner with M-Three Satcom to extend our innovative video distribution solutions to new and diverse markets. This collaboration allows us to combine our expertise with M-Three Satcom’s robust infrastructure, ensuring high-quality, reliable services for our clients globally.

Guillaume Devezeaux, CEO of Alpha Networks.

We are happy and proud of the agreement with Alpha Networks; it is the ideal partner to continue our development strategy in the OTT area and offer innovative services. The synergy between Alpha Networks’ and M-Three Satcom's proficiencies forges a pioneering force in the industry, offering a service that's not only comprehensive but also deeply attuned to the user's perspective. With Alpha Network's alliance, we proudly declare that M-Three Satcom's suite of services is now truly complete, setting a new benchmark for excellence.

Michele Magnifichi, CEO of M-Three Satcom.

With this win-win partnership, Alpha Networks and M-Three Satcom are set to redefine the video distribution landscape, offering unmatched solutions for broadcasters, governments, and other clients globally. 

About Alpha Networks

Alpha Networks is a leading provider of modular TV software, SaaS & PaaS video platforms. Over the last 15 years, the company has been addressing the different needs of network operators and media companies worldwide, providing them with the right products and services to implement their content strategy and launch pay-TV services. With around 100 active customers worldwide, Alpha Networks prides itself on empowering innovation, accelerating the projects go-to-market, and enhancing the next-generation TV entertainment business. The company is internationally recognized by customers such as beIN Media Group, Orange, Altice, Econet Group, Digital Virgo, Bouygues Telecom, Canal+, NOS, TF1, and many others. 

About M-Three Satcom

Since 2004, M-Three Satcom provides solutions and services for the entire chain of radio and television production, broadcasting and international corporate clients. The company operates two teleports in Milan and Rome, a fleet of outside broadcast units, and a global fiber optics infrastructure. With continuous investment in innovation, long-term agreements with major operators, and a skilled team, M-Three Satcom offers 360° turnkey solutions for production, transmission, distribution, and connectivity. Services include DTH platforms on Hot Bird, various Eutelsat contribution platforms, and HD live production for sports events at all levels. Since 2019 has been part of the Squirrel Media Group - The Media Tech Group, a fully integrated technology group operating in the media industry and consists of four synergistic divisions—Advertising, Content, Media, and Technology. 

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