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Build Your Sports Platform for Unrivaled Quality

Craft a sports platform of excellence, guaranteeing the success of your live events. Manage replays, engage fans, and organize game metadata seamlessly.

No technical know-how needed – our user-friendly tools and intuitive features make it effortless.


Stream Your Content, Live and On-Demand

Experience seamless streaming with the ability to broadcast your videos live and on-demand, all powered by a secure global cloud infrastructure.

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Engage Your Audience

Enhance user experience with compelling features like asset ratings, favorites, and "continue watching” and gain insights into content performance and audience behavior.

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Monetize Your Content

Maximize revenue through an audience-centric distribution strategy that focuses on acquisition and retention. Leverage diverse business models, offers, discounts, and flexible options to boost your monetization efforts.

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Key features
Metadata Enrichment

Enhance the user experience, improve content discoverability and enable personalized recommendations.

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Global Expansion enables sports video platforms to adjust content availability and metadata based on user location, ensuring a worldwide audience enjoys an enhanced experience.

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Content Editorialization

Edit rich-text content like news, articles, FAQs, and blog posts to enhance SEO and broaden your platform’s reach.

Stream Live events

Spark real-time engagement and cultivate active user interaction. Monetize opportunities through subscriptions or pay-per-view.

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