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Launch an OTT platform & deliver your original content

Content Producers become their own distributors to address target audiences with no geographic nor technical limitations. OTT allows them to promote their original content by choosing their distribution strategy.


Effortless OTT Platform Setup

Establish your OTT platform seamlessly with our user-friendly interface. Effectively manage content, user interactions, and monetization through our powerful and intuitive product.

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Elevate Your Video Experience

Experience a top-tier SAAS video platform that stands out from the rest, offering premium features and unparalleled quality.

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Monetize Your Magic!

Turn content into cash with a viewer-centered strategy that emphasizes growth and loyalty. Use a range of models, discounts, and flexible options to boost earnings.

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Key features
User Profiles

Enable account sharing by allowing the creation of distinct user profiles, promoting engagement and customization.

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Multi-Screen Apps & Settings

Offer a seamless multi-screen experience for web and mobile, Chromecast and Airplay. Extend to TV screens like AndroidTV, Samsung, and LG. Customize themes and adjust frontend settings effortlessly from the admin panel.

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Audience Engagement

Enhance user satisfaction by incorporating enticing features (such as asset ratings, favorites, and a "continue watching" option) that captivate your audience and keep them engaged.

Offline download

Empower users to download your content on mobile devices, enhancing accessibility.

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Unleashing the power of video for investigative journalism

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Prepare to share your content with top-notch products.

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