Development and editorialisation of replay service for Next Interactive

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Next Interactive, a prominent thematic channel provider in France and now a part of the Altice Group, aimed to establish a unified back-office for content distribution on both OTT platforms and operator STBs. 

case overview
case overview

Customer challenges.

  • Unifying multiple content sources: creating a single platform to aggregate diverse content sources.
  • Swift time-to-market: meeting the demand for rapid deployment.
  • Comprehensive metadata aggregation: collecting metadata from numerous third-party partners.
  • Empowering content editorialization: enabling effective content promotion, a vital function for the marketing team.

Our offering.

  • Unified hybrid TV backend: tucano API for IPTV & OTT applications
  • User-friendly editorial tools: empowering journalists & marketing teams for content promotion
  • Rapid deployment: time-to-market in just 4 months
  • Multi-device deployment: available on various devices including stbs and mobiles
case overview

Next case

A multi-tenant OTT solution for the Brazilian market

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