Spiking the competition: LNV serves up sports action on OTT!

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After an extensive tender process, the French National Volleyball League (LNV) chooses Bee to optimize its streaming website and the broadcasting of the national league games. The LNV has officially enlisted Alpha Networks to create its OTT platform, LNVtv, for the 2022-2025 championship seasons.

case overview
case overview

Customer challenges.

  • Swift solution replacement: replace the existing solution efficiently
  • Cost-effective upgrade: achieve competitive cost for the replacement
  • Enhanced user experience: implement sports streaming features for improved UX
  • Multi-screen integration: provide a seamless multi-screen experience

The complete reworking of the LNVtv is one of the major challenges of my mandate. This is why I am delighted to have Alpha Networks as partner on the deployment of our new OTT platform. The Alpha Networks’ Bee solution perfectly meets the LNV needs, but above all the expectations of our fans who will finally be able to enjoy a user experience that meets the current standards of any video streaming platform.

Yves Bouget, President of LNV

Our offering.

  • Enhanced fan experience: advanced features like simultaneous broadcasting of 20 live events, mosaic of lives, and event calendar functionality
  • Effortless content management: utilizing watchfolder setup (SFTP) for streamlined content management.
  • Flexible monetization: implementing a variety of business models, including SVOD, TVOD rental, free VOD with registration, and more.
  • User authentication: ensuring video access for registered users only, enhancing content security.
  • Rapid deployment: go to market in just 3 months
  • User-friendly interface: providing an easy-to-use platform for both end-users and administrators.
case overview

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