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Article25th June, 2024
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In today's digital age, the media sector has experienced a significant surge in content consumption, driven by the widespread adoption of digital technologies, especially amidst the pandemic-induced stay-at-home culture. Particularly noteworthy is the exponential growth of the worldwide OTT streaming market, projected to be 50.6% in 2024 and is estimated to increase to 61% by 2029.

If you’re looking to create or enhance your OTT platform, one of the biggest challenges you face is ensuring content discoverability and viewer engagement. Despite having a wealth of high-quality video content in your library, it often remains hidden from viewers due to insufficient metadata. This not only limits audience reach but also impacts user satisfaction and engagement, thus eventually leading to churn.

How can you overcome this hurdle and ensure your content gets the visibility it deserves? The answer lies in metadata enrichment.

What is Metadata Enrichment?

Metadata enrichment is the process of enhancing your video content’s metadata with additional information from various sources. This enriched metadata includes detailed descriptions, tags, images, and more, making your content more discoverable and engaging. By connecting to third-party databases, metadata enrichment ensures your content stands out in a crowded market.

Traditionally, media organizations have relied on manual processes for content creation, hosting, and personalization, resulting in subpar user experiences as outdated practices struggle to meet evolving user expectations. In this digital landscape, leveraging rich metadata can provide a competitive advantage.

How Rich Metadata differs from basic Metadata?
Basic Metadata VS. Rich Metadata: Advanced tags for better classification, Multi-label tagging, Additional tags for search

While metadata provides essential information about your content, rich metadata takes it to the next level. The key difference lies in the depth and breadth of information it offers.

Basic metadata gives a foundational understanding of your content, such as genres, language, cast, and crew. However, rich metadata goes further, offering a comprehensive array of tags and descriptors generated through AI-assisted processes. These advanced, multi-label tags cover a wide range of themes, plot elements, character dynamics, and other nuanced details, enabling hyper-personalization and boosting user engagement.

Imagine your media content with enriched metadata: for live TV programs, Alpha Networks’ Tucano metadata enrichment feature, AccurateEPG, provides real-time updates on the beginning and end of programs by analyzing TV streams and replace the one provided by the EPG providers, with a correction rate of 90%. This accuracy enhances the user experience for start over, catchup, and nPVR use-cases by detecting start and end times, as well as identifying introductions and end credits.

In sports content, it can tag individual players, specific types of plays, and real-time score updates. This detailed tagging system is designed to make content searches faster and more efficient, ensuring users can easily find and engage with the content they love.

The benefits of Metadata Enrichment

1.     Metadata enrichment enhances user experience and drives engagement

Poor metadata can undermine even the most compelling content, resulting in a subpar user experience. For instance, utilizing features like visually appealing images can boost the media click-through rate. By leveraging rich metadata, you can create content that captivates and resonates better with your audience compared to content with basic metadata, ultimately driving higher levels of engagement. Enriched metadata ensures that your content is not only easier to find but also more engaging, providing users with a superior viewing experience.

2.     Metadata enrichment enables personalization and tailored content experiences

Beyond improving user experience and engagement, rich metadata fuels personalized content experiences. By harnessing insights from rich metadata, media organizations can deliver tailored content recommendations to individual users. This personalized approach not only fosters deeper user engagement and loyalty but also drives long-term success in today's competitive media landscape.

3.    Metadata enrichment improves content discoverability

Search engines and video platforms heavily rely on metadata to index and rank content. Enriched metadata significantly enhances your content's search engine optimization (SEO), increasing its visibility in search results. Here’s how it works:

·       Keyword optimization: Enriched metadata uses relevant keywords and phrases that viewers are likely to search for, ensuring your content appears in search results and drives organic traffic.

·       Detailed descriptions and tags: Comprehensive descriptions and specific tags help search engines understand your content’s context and relevance, enabling more accurate indexing and ranking.

·       Image and video thumbnails: Optimized images and video thumbnails are visually appealing and relevant, attracting clicks and improving visual search capabilities on search engines.

·       Structured data markup: Implementing structured data (schema markup) helps search engines categorize and display your content effectively, potentially leading to rich snippets in search results, which increases click-through rates and visibility.

This is particularly crucial for OTT platform owners aiming to expand their audience reach and engagement. By enhancing metadata, you make your content more accessible to a broader audience, driving higher traffic and boosting viewer retention rates.

Wrapping up

Metadata enrichment is a powerful tool that can transform your video content, making it more discoverable, engaging, and appealing to viewers. With Alpha Networks' Enrich module, part of Tucano, broadcasters, media operators, sports organizations, and content producers can easily enhance their metadata, improving their overall user experience and driving viewer engagement.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your video content library? Contact Alpha Networks today to implement our Tucano metadata enrichment feature and take your content to the next level.

Metadata enrichment
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