Aggregate any content for a unified user experience

Tucano can ingest any content thanks to its Source module. Abstract the complexity of technical integrations and manage any kind of video workflow.

Aggregation Hub

Aggregate multiple sources and merge them into any number of publication catalogs.

tucano product features
Provider-agnostic ingestion

Ingest any type of VOD, Live, Catchup, EPG or Podcasts.

Live to VOD

Automatically create VOD assets from EPG grid and live stream.

Deep metadata

Dynamically add any type of metadata to
your content.

tucano product features
Flexible workflow

Connect to any transcoding, origin, DRM or CDN provider.

tucano product features
Real-time content creation

Create content from the admin panel, via direct upload or remote fetching (S3, SFTP).

Enrich your metadata

Enhance your content by using our services to enrich and generate new metadata, ensuring the finest user experience.


Data As A Service providing real-time updates on beginning and end of programs to improve UX on startover, catchup and nPVR use-cases.

gecko product overview
Intro detection

Analyze VOD content to automatically extract introductions and enable a skip intro feature.

End credits detection

Analyze VOD content to automatically extract end credits and allow a faster binge watching.

Take control of your monetization strategy

With subscription, transactional, ad-supported, pay-per-view, and any kind of hybrid business model; implement your strategy and extract insights from our analytics to ensure the success of your platform.

Business models

Tailor your perfect strategy with SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, Free and Pay per View models.

tucano product features
Advanced offers

Fine-tune your offers with capabilities (offline download, ad-support, nPVR quotas, concurrent streams, …)

Open billing

Select your billing provider from our existing integrations or use your own with our open connector.

Editorial content

Edit rich-text content, such as news, articles, FAQ or blog posts.

tucano product features

Your content, your front-end

With Tucano’s flexible APIs, there’s no feature you can’t build. Integrate our backend with any front-end application or third-party system. Iterate and innovate faster with the most comprehensive OTT toolbox.

Page builder

Easily craft your perfect pages with curated, dynamic and personalized content rails. Select the design mode to drive the UX further.

tucano product features
Configuration Architect

Manage structure and content to build custom front-ends faster than ever.


Create any number of publication points (portals) to target your customers, your way. (eg. by device, catalog, Country …)

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