CABSAT 30th Anniversary 2024 Recap: Key highlights and insights

Article28th May, 2024
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Last week, Alpha Networks had the privilege of attending the CABSAT 2024 event in Dubai, a pivotal gathering for the broadcast, satellite, and content creation industries.

With an impressive turnout of 15,7K+ attendees, this year's event focused on financial insights, technical content, emerging technologies, and end-user markets. 

30th anniversary of CABSAT
Hot topics from CABSAT 2024

Several key themes from the show resonated strongly with the Alpha Networks team, notably:

1. Streaming wars: Only champions will survive

This hot topic explored the transformative impact of streaming on the entertainment landscape, sparking debates on various aspects such as content creation, consumption habits, and revenue models.

Questions revolved around the changing dynamics between traditional TV and streaming platforms, the role of new technologies in content creation and distribution, and the challenges and opportunities for content creators in monetizing their work on streaming platforms.

As the industry grapples with changing dynamics between traditional TV and streaming platforms, Alpha Networks was at the forefront of innovation with our latest features designed to address the evolving landscape of content discovery and user experience.

2. How does the MENA Watch TV?

With the MENA region experiencing fast-paced growth in the streaming and television industry, this hot topic delved into the evolving viewing habits and preferences of audiences. Discussions centered on the sustainability and profitability of different streaming models, the future of linear TV amidst the rise of streaming services, strategies adopted by TV networks to sustain growth, and the role of AdTech in supporting ad-supported content. It also addressed the challenges faced by linear television networks in maintaining advertisement revenue and the emerging trends and partnership opportunities in the ever-evolving media landscape.

Alpha Networks' participation at CABSAT included demonstrations of our advanced technologies aimed at supporting the sustainability and profitability of different streaming models. We highlighted our capabilities in content aggregation, metadata enrichment, and multi-tenant architecture, which are crucial for meeting the diverse preferences of MENA audiences and driving growth in the region's streaming and television industry.

3. Monetization strategies and insights

Alpha Networks' VP of Sales, Manuel Maese, provided valuable insights during his interview with IABM. He discussed how our products support flexible monetization strategies, including dynamic ad insertions and innovative revenue models.

These capabilities are crucial for scaling audiences and maximizing revenue on digital platforms.

4. OTT Revamp with Gecko: The perfect E2E solution

Our EMEA Sales Director, Laurent Buldrini's tech talk with Comunicare Digitale highlighted the revamp of OTT services, showcasing our Gecko end-to-end solution.

Gecko's advanced content aggregation, metadata enrichment capabilities, and multi-tenant architecture make it a standout choice for modern OTT providers. These features not only enhance content discovery and user experience but also streamline operations for service providers.

Collaboration with Cognacq-Jay Image and targeting broadcasters

We also highlighted our collaboration with Cognacq-Jay Image, focusing on the latest features designed to target broadcasters. This partnership underscores our commitment to providing tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of the broadcasting industry, enabling them to leverage advanced technology for better reach and engagement. 

Read the press release here.

Looking forward

CABSAT 2024 was a remarkable event that not only showcased the latest trends and technologies in the media and entertainment industry but also provided us with valuable opportunities to connect with key stakeholders.

By introducing these cutting-edge features, we aim to empower our clients in the MENA region and beyond to stay ahead in the competitive streaming market, ensuring that they can adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving entertainment landscape.

Alpha Networks is excited about the prospects that have emerged from this event and looks forward to leveraging these relationships and insights to drive future growth.

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